Portable Kegging System, 1.5 gal

Portable Kegging System, 1.5 gal

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A complete, portable kegging system! Compact and organized, with no messy liquid line to clean and nothing to get tangled. Perfect for a dinner party or beach hang. Fits in your fridge for easy carbonation and dispensing. 

This bundle includes:

1 x Deluxe Picnic Faucet Assembly
1 x KegLand Mini Core 360 CO2 Regulator
1 x Ball Lock Disconnect, Gas
1 x 1.5 Gallon Torpedo Keg

Add a 16g CO2 Cartridge and you're ready to serve!
Or, grab an adapter and a 74g CO2 Cartridge to carbonate your beer, seltzer or water with plenty of CO2 left over for serving.

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