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Sound Homebrew Patch

Sound Homebrew Patch

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Rep your favorite homebrew shop with a high quality woven iron-on patch.

  1. Borrow an iron from a friend or buy one from Goodwill.

  2. Preheat your iron to a medium-high setting.

  3. Lay your clean, wrinkle-free garment on a heat-resistant surface.

  4. Position the patch where you'd like it to go, the place a thin cloth over it (to protect the pretty side from heat damage).

  5. Apply the iron over the patch and hold in place (without moving) for approximately 45 seconds. Turn garment inside-out and apply the iron to the back of the patch for about 30 seconds.

  6. Check the adhesion by lifting the edge of the patch. If it lifts away easily, place it back down and reapply heat for a few more seconds on each side.

  7. Allow the garment to cool for several minutes and wait at least 24 hours before washing.

Note: If you've followed the above steps and your patch is still not sticking, it might be worth considering alternative attachment methods such as sewing or using fabric glue.

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