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Yeast Management: How to Make Friends and Influence Cell Count

Yeast Management: How to Make Friends and Influence Cell Count

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Saturday, April 27
12pm - 2pm*
@ Sound Homebrew Supply
6505 5th Pl S Seattle, WA 98108

Taught by Theo Cambert, Quality Lead at Reuben's Brews

 - Pre-Registration is Required - 

For intermediate to advanced homebrewers: learn how yeast expresses itself and how our actions affect it. Beginners are welcome, but basic knowledge of the fermentation process is recommended to gain the most from this presentation and tasting. Class will focus on yeast as it relates to beer, but wine, cider and mead makers can also apply these principles to their fermenting practice.

Proper yeast management has a profound impact on the quality of your finished beer. With a small investment of time, you'll also save yourself the trouble and cost of purchasing multiple packs of yeast for every brew.

We will cover the following topics:

  • Fermentation cycle
  • How different yeast strains present themselves in the final product
  • How different temperatures affect yeast presentation in the final product
  • Yeast propagation aka making a starter
  • Re-pitching yeast on a homebrew scale

Class will also include a beer tasting so that students can experience first-hand the individual characteristics of different yeast strains, as well as how those characteristics may change in response to fermentation temperature.

*Note: This is our first time running this class, so the end time is an approximation. We expect to have 20-30 minutes for Q&A / discussion after the presentation and tasting, which is included in the time estimate. If you need to leave precisely at 2pm, please keep an eye on the time and bow out when you need to.

 - Pre-Registration is Required - 

All class participants get 20% off a Yeast Starter Kit (6902)
with code YEASTY at checkout!

To use the code, you must purchase your class ticket and yeast starter kit at the same time. If you'd like to take the class before deciding whether to purchase a kit, you will still be eligible for the discount up to one week after the class! Staff can apply the discount manually in person.

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