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Brew in a Bag All Grain Kettle, 14 Gallon

Brew in a Bag All Grain Kettle, 14 Gallon

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Complete kit for Brew In A Bag (BIAB) all grain brewing. A 14 gallon kettle is a comfortable size for your "big beer" recipes up to 6 gallons. A great purchase for both new and experienced brewers, this kit can be used as is, or customized later on with different port attachments. 

Brew in a bag kit includes:

  • Stainless steel brew kettle with 1/2" FPT fittings
  • 1/2" stainless steel ball valve, with stainless hex nipple and 1/2" stainless steel barb
  • Stainless steel pluig for thermometer port (or add
  • 29" X 29" nylon mesh bag with drawstring
  • Roll of teflon tape
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