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Extra Special 130L, Briess, 1 ounce

Extra Special 130L, Briess, 1 ounce

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ATTN: All grains are now sold by the OUNCE instead of by the pound. E.g. a quantity of "2" indicates 2 oz. An order of "3lb and 5oz" would be input as a quantity of "53".


Here is a table to help with your conversion:

1lb = 16oz
2lb = 32oz
3lb = 48oz
4lb = 64oz
5lb = 80oz
6lb = 96oz
7lb = 112oz
8lb = 128oz
9lb = 144oz
10lb = 160oz

Complexity and understanding it is key to brewing an awesome beer. Starkly different than similarly colored Caramel 120L malt, the Extra Special Malt imparts mild coffee, toasted marshmallow, and prune quality with a dry woody character. The more you use the deeper the copper hues you will get along with what is often described as a toffee like flavor. 

General Info

  • Malt Type: Specialty
  • Grain Origin: North America
  • Wort Color: 130 °Lovibond (345 EBC)
  • Protein:
  • Moisture: 2.5% max.
  • Extract (dry): 73.0% min.
  • Diastatic Power: 0 °Lintner
  • Usage: 15% max.


  • Abbey Styles
  • Porters
  • Dark Ales
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