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Black Barley, Briess, 1 ounce

Black Barley, Briess, 1 ounce

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ATTN: All grains are now sold by the OUNCE instead of by the pound. E.g. a quantity of "2" indicates 2 oz. An order of "3lb and 5oz" would be input as a quantity of "53".

Here is a table to help with your conversion:

1lb = 16oz
2lb = 32oz
3lb = 48oz
4lb = 64oz
5lb = 80oz
6lb = 96oz
7lb = 112oz
8lb = 128oz
9lb = 144oz
10lb = 160oz

Black Barley is an unmalted roasted barely that is a deep brown color with a coffee flavor. Adds dryness and intense bitterness in higher amounts.


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