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Vinegar Mother, Malt 8oz

Vinegar Mother, Malt 8oz

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USING MOTHER OF VINEGAR Directions: Malt mother of vinegar can be successfully used with beer to produce vinegar. There are two main aspects you need to make sure of however:

1. Make sure the alcohol percentage of the mixture you want to turn to vinegar is greater than 5% and less than 10% ABV, preferably between 6-8% ABV. For beer this can be tricky since low alcohol beer in too small amount is diluted by the 8 oz. mother giving a lower acidity vinegar in the end. It is recommended that for using 24 oz. of beer, you use beer of 8-10% ABV or if you want to use 6% ABV beer, use 48 oz. of beer to start. No additional dilution of beer is needed.

2. Make sure the vinegar can breathe: the bacteria making vinegar need access to oxygen so make sure there are holes or an open top the vinegar can breathe through. Cover these holes or top with cheesecloth or gauze however to prevent fruit flies from getting in. Finally, the optimal temperature for vinegar growth is 80-85 degrees Fahrenheit. It will still grow fine at room temperature though. Good luck!

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