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Honey, White Clover 40lb

Honey, White Clover 40lb

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GloryBee white clover honey combines all the natural and delightful flavors of classic clover honey that you know and love.  It has a light and mild, confectionary sweetness. Bees visit pink and cream colored clover blossoms to harvest the clover nectar. These charming flowers can grow well in adverse soils and provide an abundant supply of nectar with its extended bloom period making it a reliable floral source for pollinators.

The light and mild flavor are great for sweetening beverages or including in your bar or granola recipe. 



Foreign Material:  Free of comb, propolis, or other material
Solids (Brix):  ≥80%
Moisture:  ≤20%
pH:  3.4 to 6.1
Color:  Color varies from White to Extra Light Amber, typically ≤ 50 mm on the pfund scale
Chloramphenicol:    Non-Dectect (zero tolerance)
SCIRA:    -23.5 to -27.5

 The specifications listed above are averages only.

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